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Name:Crux Fleet Meme Community
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Crux Fleet
A space exploration game

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Humanity has expanded its borders.

Forming a Confederation of Inhabited Systems with several other races discovered after First Contact, and facing the strain on their home planet, mankind took to the stars, placing colonies first in their own systems, then in friendly systems, and finally in roving colony fleets. The 43rd Scutum-Crux Fleet was designed to colonize any HZ-class planet, with a cityship, three gargantuan agricultural vessels, and a fleet of nearly a dozen warships to protect such easy targets from pirates, slavers, and enemies of the Confederacy.

It had gone well, until a being of immense power, a trickster, decided to 'assist' them on their goal and transported them across the galaxy, to the unexplored portion on the other side of the Galactic Core. The planets they found there were certainly suitable for life, but they were also inhabited. And, regrettably, hostile. Surrounded by unknown races that they couldn't communicate with, the fleet moved on, desperate to find a sanctuary to settle the colony on and regain communications with their superiors.

That was nearly 125 years ago. It is now 0458 A.C. The fleet still moves on, navigating through friendly space and avoiding pirates and enemy war fleets alike.

This is the kind of thing you hear when you wake up. The first thing you'd noticed was the beep of heart monitors. Dozens of them. A blinking light somewhere in your field of vision said 'Awake', and nurses were heading towards you. The room is bright, almost too bright for your eyes, but there are filled beds and people floating in tanks as far as the eye can see.

When the nurses finally reach you, they smile in relief and offer you a wheelchair. They don't speak any language you're familiar with, but you have no trouble understanding them. They say it's because of their sleep-learning systems, that they'll tell you everything at the briefing.

You are, it seems, one of the lucky ones.

Crux Fleet is a space opera, full of adventure, exploration, battles, and possibly a hint of romance. The main influences are Star Trek, Macross, and Star Wars. If you're looking for genres, it's an adventure/exploration game with hints of slice of life and a focus on dealing with new races, hostile and non. We accept OCs, canon OCs, canon characters, canon AUs, and native OCs/AUs.
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